What is Bell’s palsy?

Which flaw or paralysis influence the muscle of the face is called bell’s palsy. This disease based on facial nerve. This facial nerve also called seventh cranial nerve.

This flaw affects muscles on one side of the look and seldom each side of the face and also affect forehead. It can attack in any age of man & woman.

If this nerve damage so it can change your sense of feel and taking long time in eating and drinking.

This weakness or short-term paralysis affect eye blinking, open and close eyelids and make hard to change facial expressions like smile, laugh, weep and frowns.

Bell's palsy

Symptoms of Bell’s palsy

  • Drooling
  • Dry eye and mouth
  • Taste sense become a little diverse
  • Feeling flaw on the face
  • If you laugh only your half face stir and sag one side of the look
  • tricky to make facial expression
  • Difficult to close and blink eyes
  • otalgia
  • lack of sensation
  • giddiness
  • Problem in chewing food
  • Pain behind and around the ear
  • Visual pain
  • Fuzzy visualization


Bell’s palsy diagnosis

The doctor checks up your both of side of the face and also study your eyes, head, neck and ear. Bell’s palsy also identify asking question to you and then cure suggested by doctor. Doctor sees that you are blinking eyes and move up and down eyelids properly or not. If it is prove that you are suffering from Bell’s palsy doctor advice you for EMG, MRI and some other test.

Electromyography (EMG) – electrical motion measures by machine of the facial nerve. In this process impulsion to the facial muscle by electrical motion. EMG use for measuring rate and power of signals roving among two or more points. This process use for check and verify the level of nerve injures.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging – Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a non harmful health check test that helps physicians identify and treat your disease. To make images of the body uses powerful magnets and radio waves is known as MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) test. In this test radiation (x-rays) doesn’t use.

Treatment of Bell’s palsy

Bell’s palsy affects every person in a different way
. In many Bell’s palsy cases patient will recover fully. Approximately 90% people will convalesce finally who suffering from this and 10% get stable paralysis. Use steroid prednisone to lessen irritation and swelling . To fight viral herpes infections Acyclovir drug is used. To lessen soreness affected side of the face use soggy heat. It can affect the eyelid’s usual open and close aptitude. That’s why use eye drops to keep eyes moist and care for eyes from debris and injury.

  • a patch to protect the affected eye
  • at the night use strip to shut the affected eyelid
  • to lessen the swelling of the facial nerve use corticosteroids medication
  • use medications for relieving pain
  • massage
  • do facial movements
  • mime therapy is useful in bell’s palsy
  • botox injection is useful in this