What is a cataract?

In which eye disease that affects the clarity of lens and eye becomes cloudy or reduces the ability to see is called Cataract. Clear portion of the eye is called lens. The lens is very essential in focusing unobstructed light on the retina at the rear of the eye and focuses rays of light within the eye on the retina, light-sensitive tissue present at the backside of the eye. The part of the eye in front of the retina for get a clear picture.

The retina sends visual signals to the brain. The brain read neurologic signal in vision which is sent by retina. To make a clear image, the lens must stay clear. Visual symptoms and complaint create by cataract because these obstruct and bend light passing through the lens. Cataract is responsible for blurry vision. If the lens is cloudiness then extend the possibility of increasing visual disturbance.


There are some types of cataracts:

subcapsular cataract: This type of cataract looks in which people having diabetes or those using high doses of steroid medicines have a bigger possibility of developing a subcapsular cataract. It founds at the rear of the lens.

Nuclear cataract: This type of cataract starts with slow hardening and yellowing of the center of lens and identify as a nucleus. By the time, this hardening increases to the other layers of the lens.

It affects your ability to see things in the distance and make your drive tricky at night.

Cortical cataract: cortical cataract develops in a particular part of the lens. It obtains in the lens cortex. The person could not see clearly in this and difficulty to see at the night.

Symptoms of cataract?

  • regular changes in eyeglass prescription
  • colors that look lighten or yellowed
  • Face double reflection in a particular eye 
  • You face problem to see at the night clearly
  •  foggy, fuzzy, not bright or hazy vision
  • difficulty with bright sun and vehicle headlights when driving at night


The eye lens works similar to a camera lens. For clear vision, it focuses light on the retina. Eye’s focus adjusted by eye lens for looking clear vision both near and far away. There are some causes include:

  • Corticosteroids medications  
  • Glaucoma medicines
  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • smoking
  • eye injury or swelling
  • drinking alcohol
  • hypertension
Normally, Doctors will suggest surgical treatment when you are not looking for objects clearly and not able to do your daily task, So it’s time for surgery.  If you regularly drive at night, drive carefully because night time glare can increase the risk of accidents.
The cataract removes by surgery is a safe process and in this surgery affected lens is replaced with a non-natural lens that works like a natural eye’s lens. There are available several types of replacement lenses that repair the vision of patient’s and may get rid of the require for glasses completely.