What is conjunctivitis?

Swelling of the conjunctiva or white part of the eye and lines your eyelid is called conjunctivitis. We can also call it a pink eye or sticky eye. When white part of the eye becomes red-looking, it is more noticeable.


Viral conjunctivitis

In this, viruses are the general reason. The common cold is the result when virus linked with conjunctivitis. You can also be affected by pink eye, if you come in contact with someone, who is suffering from pink eye. Generally, viral conjunctivitis influences both eyes and also a reason for too much thin discharge.


Bacterial conjunctivitis

  • you can also be affected by this if you come in contact with an infected person
  • if you touch your eyes with dirty or unhygienic hands, so you affected by pink eye
  • Wear contaminated contact lenses it will cause bacterial conjunctivitis
  • Use infected eye make-up and facial lotions then result is bacterial conjunctivitis or pink eye

Allergic Pink Eye

If you are suffering from allergies, then you have more chance to get allergic pink eye. House dirt and beast fur can be also a reason.

Giant papillary conjunctivitis is another form of this. Allergic contact lens is responsible for this.
Contact dermatoconjunctivitis is another form of conjunctivitis. In this form eye drops and eye makeup may be the reason for puffiness in your eyelids.

Reasons of chemical conjunctivitis:

  • It happens because of irritant chemicals
  • Because of come in contact with polluted air
  • It may  because of contact lenses

What Are the Symptoms of Pinkeye?

There are the following symptoms of pinkeye :

  • The white part of the eye get red
  • Eyes produce too much tears
  • Your eyes discharge thick yellow pus that layer above the eyelashes, more than ever in the morning
  • itching and flaming or sandy sensation in the eyes
  • appear vague vision
  • light sensations is increased
  • You should not come in contact with dust and other exasperating material.
  • You should keep away from using makeup
  • In this case, you should remove your contact lens

Exasperating material is responsible for itching and burning in conjunctivitis. Eye drops possible will provide relief in itching and burning. You should not use other types of eye drops it possibly will exasperate your eyes.
There are several ways from which you can stop the increase of conjunctivitis:

  • You should change your pillow cover daily
  • use hygiene towels and washcloths, and shouldn’t share your towels
  • wash your hands frequently
  • not come in contact with people that have pink eye
  •  clean contact lens properly
  • change your eye make-up products often
  • Don’t touch your eyes by your hands
  • Should not share your private eye care items
Even if pink eye symptoms get a solution in 3 or 4 days, only children with viral conjunctivitis possibly will infectious for a week or more time.
Your doctor suggests you eye drops. Although bacterial and viral infections become visible the alike, a person who has symptoms of pinkeye should check up your eyes by an eye doctor for diagnosis and cure.