What is farsightedness?

Farsightedness also called hyperopia. In this condition you can look far-away objects visibly, but close by objects look dim. Hyperopia is not a disease. It is a twisted fault, in this condition to look pictures clearly, eye could not refract light appropriately to a single focus. In this case you face problem in reading and sewing. To correct this situation you can use spectacle or contact lenses.



  • You face problem to look near objects clearly, for the most part in the night
  • require to strain your eyes to look visibly
  • face problem in reading, writing, and looking close by objects
  • eyestrain, pain in the eye, headache



In hyperopia light refracts at the back of retina in place of on it. Retina get images by refract light and send pictures to the brain by optic nerve. This condition creates when the eyeball becomes too short and result is light rays focus ahead of the retina in its place of on it. Because of this you can look far-away objects visible, but close by objects appear dim. Farsightedness is typically present at birth, like myopia or nearsightedness.


In hyperopia young age people cure does not essential. For the reason that their eye lenses are good and they mold according to the problem. But as you age your eye lenses couldn’t mold according to the condition. That’s why you will most likely require of spectacles and contact lens to get better your vision.

Surgery can be another option in a number of cases. LASIK surgery is used for hyperopia. Cornea reshape process is use in tender case of hyperopia and change artificial lens in place of clear lens of your eye by surgery in serious cases of farsightedness.
In many cases doctor suggests for surgery because by surgery you can get rid of spectacles and contact lenses. But many hyperopia people can comfortable with eyeglasses and contact lens. If you have hyperopia, so you should get done eye check-up often, if you are feeling alter in your eyesight then test your eyes by doctor.


If you want keep your eyes in good condition for long time, so you should get done your eyes check-up time to time. If you didn’t take right cure of diabetes and blood pressure, so these diseases can affect your eyesight.

you feel change in your vision suddenly, such as dim vision, halos around lights and flashes of lights are sign of severe medical problem, like glaucoma and retinal detachment. If you appear any of these symptoms you should ask from your doctor.

You should not do smoking because it is not right for your eye health. A healthy diet can protect you from hyperopia or some other eye diseases. You should take lots of fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, spinach, oranges, collards, kale and nuts, beans, tuna, salmon, eggs also good for your eyes.
You should use sunglasses to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays. The proper light can help you see well.